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Fanny Darrieussecq, FWS

Fanny Darrieussecq, FWS

Congratulations Fanny Darrieussecq, FWS for passing the French Wine Scholar exam with a brilliant score of 99%. Chapeau!

Fanny joins our International Program Provider network and is offering the French Wine Scholar Program, right from the heart of Bordeaux, France!

About Fanny:

Founder & Wine Educator at Bordeaux Wine Campus, France.

''Graduated from the OIV MSc in Wine Management I travelled around the world visiting most of the countries producing wine in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. After 10 years working as exports director for an important Spanish winery I came back to France in 2009. I founded Bordeaux Wine Campus in 2011 that quickly became the most important WSET program provider for South West France.'' The ''FWS program complemented my background as it gave me a thorough knowledge of each individual French wine region from the historical, cultural side to the legal and technical aspect.''





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