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Andy Narusewicz, FWS

Andy Narusewicz, FWS
Receiving the FWS credential took me back to the roots of why I love wine, and France!...If you are serious about wine, the WSG is essential.
Andy Narusewicz, FWS, Co-Founder and Lead Sommelier, Alchemy Wine Company
Other certifications: WSET Level 2, CSW (Society of Wine Educators), Introductory Sommelier Certificate

Congratulations to Andy Narusewicz, FWS, for passing the French Wine Scholar exam with highest honors!

About Andy:

A bit of both. I started as a wine enthusiast but now run a wine club, host educational lectures for local wine businesses, and am starting a wine education business in Northern Virginia with a few friends! I fell into wine back in 2014 when one night I was randomly scrolling through Netflix and saw this documentary called ‘Somm’. I was totally captivated and decided I would buy a wine book the next day. I never looked back. My goal is to eventually become a Master of Wine. No big deal.

I passed the CMS Intro course, the Certified Specialist of Wine, and the WSET 2 in addition to the FWS. I am sitting for the WSET 3 this fall and doing the Italian and Spanish Wine Scholar after that. The eventual plan is to sit for the DipWSET. I think the WSG programming is immensely beneficial as the level of detail included in the course gives you the expertise and confidence you need to approach other exams in the industry with less stress. The FWS was a milestone for me in my wine journey and has already opened doors in the industry due to its stellar reputation.

Receiving the FWS credential took me back to the roots of why I love wine, and France! The blending of detailed wine theory with the fascinating history of France, and the intractable relationship between the two, reinforces why wine is so interesting. The story of wine is the story of us. The WSG is the best programming I’ve seen thus far. It carries a tremendous weight in the industry and I have already received calls in the wine community to do lecture series on French wine. It’s a great boost to my acumen and credibility and is unique in the field and among my peers. If you are serious about wine, the WSG is essential. Other programs are great for general knowledge in the trade, but becoming a scholar, that’s a different level.

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