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Emmeli Erséus, FWS

Emmeli Erséus, FWS
The FWS program has been a perfect guide to help me decide which areas I want to search in....to introduce other French wine producers to the Swedish market.
Emmeli Erséus, FWS, CEO, Sour and Wine AB
Other certifications: Certified Sommelier

Congratulations to Emmeli Erséus, FWS, for passing the French Wine Scholar exam with highest honors!

About Emmeli:

Wine tasting has been a hobby for many years. As a member of the wine association “Munskänkarna” I’ve had the opportunity to join many different wine tastings over the years and also take courses to learn more about wine. The wine interest has increased every year since then. My husband and I share this interest and a few months ago we decided to start our own company, Sour & Wine AB. The focus is wine import, wine consultation and tastings.

When my wine interest started about 10 years ago I jumped right into the courses provided by “Munskänkarna”.  About a year ago I decided that it was time to take my wine interest one step further by studying to become a certified sommelier. I took my exam at Vinkällan, Stockholm, in January 2019 and received a scholarship which gave me some wonderful days at the winery Monterosola in Tuscany together with other former sommelier students where we learnt more about harvest and wine production.

I have always been a big fan of France and French wines so when the opportunity to take the French Wine Scholar course came up I wasn’t late to sign up.

I have just started to import Champagne from two different producers and I’m about to search for other French wine producers to introduce to the Swedish market. The FWS program has been a perfect guide to help me decide which areas I want to search in. 

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