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Walden Pemantle, FWS

Walden Pemantle, FWS
The FWS program has already helped me as a teacher, sales person, and most importantly, as a wine drinker.
Walden Pemantle, FWS, Director of Education, The Texas Wine School & Art of Cellaring
Other certifications: Italian Wine Scholar, Certified Sommelier, WSET Diploma

Congratulations to Walden Pemantle, FWS, for achieving highest honors in the French Wine Scholar exam with The Texas Wine School.

About Walden:

I’ve worked in food & wine since I was 13. I started as a prep cook, became a line cook and eventually left the kitchen to work in wine education, importing & distribution. In my three years with the Texas Wine School I’ve most enjoyed developing new classes (both in person & online) and helping to build our retail shop, AOC Selections. Being a guide to new tastes and experience is thrilling whether in the classroom or just for fun.

I’ve made it through FWS, IWS, the Court of Master Sommeliers Certified exam and the WSET Diploma program. FWS compliments any broader studying program by going deeper into France and contextualizing many lesser known & unique local styles.

I hope to start the Master of Wine program next year, and may use the Spanish Wine Scholar program to prepare. My experience with taking IWS right before the WSET Diploma definitely demonstrated how helpful these classes are at making otherwise obscure, advanced level knowledge second nature. The confidence I have after WSG courses is a huge help when it comes to sitting wine courses with a broader focus.

FWS gave me a much better appreciation & knowledge of areas like Provence, Roussillon, and Corsica. Getting folks excited about lesser-known regions is a great way to break through the intimidation factor that some people experience when learning about Bordeaux, Burgundy, etc. It’s already helped me as a teacher, sales person, and most importantly, as a wine drinker.

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