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InSoon Lee, FWS

InSoon Lee, FWS

Congratulations to Insoon Lee,FWS from Seoul, for being the 2015 WORLD TOP EXAM SCORER for the FRENCH WINE SCHOLAR PROGRAM.

About Insoon Lee:

''Currently I’m a wine educator, a consultant and the Director & Head Lecturer of LeeInSoon Wine Lab. Before that I used to work as the Director & Head Lecturer of WSA Wine Academy for 11 years until November of 2015. In total I have worked as a lecturer, consultant and winewriter for more than 17 years.

By cooperating with wine importers, producers and many Wine Boards (CIVB,BIVB, Australia Wine Association, Italian Grandi Marqui, etc.) from important wine producing regions all over the world, I arrange many interesting and informative wine seminars that are focused on various wine styles and wine producing regions. Through these activities, I have had opportunities to introduce good-quality, but less well –known wines.

I give lectures to various people working in the Korean wine business; such as sommeilers, importers, distributors, bar managers, chefs, journalists, and college students of hotel management and food& beverage management department, etc. There are also lot of enthusiastic wine lovers who join the wine academy to learn about wine and experience diverse styles of wines. I also give lectures to ambassadors & public officials about wine culture and table manners.

My second job is a wine columnist. I have written <In Soon Lee’s Wine Story> for the Wine column of the daily newspaper, Segye-Ilbo; and have worked as a writer for various wine magazines both offline and online including ‘Wine OK.com’. Through writing, I have been able to share my experiences and knowledge with many people. It has really been a great pleasure for me to introduce wines that match different cuisines.

Last, but not the least, I also work as a consultant for wine & food pairing and wine listing for restaurants.

I've got the following qualification and have run the WSET(Certificate Wine Program of Wine & Spirit Education Trust, UK) programs and many seminars for important wine regions as an official tutor representing each region : Diploma on the Bordeaux Wine Accreditation Seminar & CIVB Accredited International Bordeaux Wine Educator; Diploma of Accredited Trainer for the Ecole du Vin de Bourgogne & BIVB Accredited International Bourgogne Wine Educator; Spanish Wine Tutor (The Wine Academy of Spain); A+ Wine Australia Accredited official tutor; Italian Wine Ambassdor qualified by Vinitaly International Academy) ; FWS Certificate.

I completed the doctorial course of hospitality management recently and give lectures at the Hanyang Women’s College.

Contrary to my expectations, the FWS program was very satisfying and it gave me a chance to review and rebuild my wine knowledge. As a wine educator, I think the FWS program is very helpful and informative to both wine professionals and enthusiasts.''

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