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Maria Liotta, IWS

Maria Liotta, IWS
Thank you for providing this much-needed program. It exceeded my expectations!
Maria Liotta, IWS, Wine Enthusiast in New York, USA
Other certifications: WSET level 3

Congratulations Maria Liotta, IWS for passing the Italian Wine Scholar exam with the highest honors!

About Maria Liotta:

''Wine for me is a passion gone wild!  I got the bug when I moved to Manhattan about twenty years ago and my appreciation for wines sky-rocketed.  I began to collect wine in earnest--mostly Italian—about fifteen years ago.  The history, beauty, culture, and artisanship of the wines of Italy increasingly compelled me to learn more.  

I completed the WSET Advanced Certificate program with Merit two years ago.  The IWS program greatly enhanced my level of understanding of Italian wines by providing comprehensive, in-depth detail of Italian wines, region by region, with the respective appellations, history, grapes, culture, soil, geography, and climate.  The combination of the text book, online presentations, and Q&A made the course more personal and reinforced the lessons.   

The IWS program gives me depth of knowledge that has already proven beneficial in my travels to Italy, visits with producers, purchasing decisions, and understanding of relevant wine trends.   

Thank you for providing this much-needed program. It exceeded my expectations!''

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