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Shaun Grant Sidwall, FWS

Shaun Grant Sidwall, FWS

Congratulations to Shaun Sidwall, FWS, from Canada, for being the 2015 WORLD TOP EXAM SCORER for the FRENCH WINE SCHOLAR PROGRAM. Shaun tied for the second place with Michael Lasky, FWS.

About Shaun:

Shaun is computer consultant in the automotive industry. Shaun has his level 1 and level 2 certification from ISG.

''I will definitely be taking the Spain and Italy courses if/when they are taught in Winnipeg and am hoping to get my full sommelier certification at some point and the FWS program will definitely make that easier.

I really enjoyed the class, was definitely a lot more difficult and detailed than I expected, but learned a ton and enjoyed it all.''

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