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Carlos Eduardo Mazon, SWS

Carlos Eduardo Mazon, SWS
The SWS program is a terrific experience, encompassing all the important aspects of Spanish wine industry.
Carlos Eduardo Mazon, SWS, Consultant, Mazon Vinhos
Other certifications: French Wine Scholar, WSET Levels 2, Professional Sommelier (Brazilian Sommelier Association) & 3,

Congratulations to Carlos Eduardo Mazon, SWS, for passing the Spanish Wine Scholar exam with highest honors!

About Carlos:

My professional background is Information Technology (IT), with more than 30 years of experience, and I started a second career in the wine industry since 2018, working as a Sales Rep and Advisor for distributors, hospitality, event agencies, and wine education. I am working to complete this transition in the next 3 to 5 years and make wine my main professional activity.  

I am certified WSET L2/L3, FWS, AWC and TEP (certified educator) by ISG, and Professional Sommelier by ABS-SP (Associação Brasileira de Sommeliers - Brazilian Sommelier Association), which is an ASI (Association de la Somellerie) affiliate.

I am also a WSET Diploma Candidate, enrolled with Eno Cultura APP in Brazil, preparing for the last set of exams (D3 - Wines of the World), which I am going to sit in October 2022.  

The SWS program is a terrific experience, encompassing all the important aspects of Spanish wine industry.  It provides a deep understanding of wine regions, grape varieties, regulations, wine styles, cultural and historical facts.  The course has plenty of educational resources, that helps the student to assimilate a huge amount of information in a clever, fun and productive manner.

Spain is a fascinating wine producer country, consistently improving quality and delivering a broad and diversified portfolio of wine styles to consumers all over the world.  Any wine professional who wants to be taken seriously in his/her market must have a solid understanding of Spanish wines and be ready to recommend and explain some of the best PQRs in the wine industry, in all pricing categories, to his/her customers.

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