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Huw Morgan, SWS

Huw Morgan, SWS
The SWS course has been instrumental in completely transforming my view and appreciation of Spanish wines.
Huw Morgan, SWS, Wine Enthusiast
Other certifications: FWS, IWS, WSET Levels 2 & 3

Congratulations to Huw Morgan, SWS, for achieving highest honors in the Spanish Wine Scholar exam with West London Wine School.

About Huw:

I first enrolled in a WSET level 2 wine course in 2017 at the West London Wine School. I wanted to become more knowledgeable about wines and in particular understand what kind of wines I naturally gravitate towards when ordering at a restaurant or a bar and why. The instructors were very engaging and as my mind quickly opened up to the world of wines I soon realized there was a lot more to take in. As an Australian living in London, learning more about some of the old world wines provided me with a great viewpoint with which to travel across Europe!

I was quickly hooked after completing my WSET level 2 course and went onto complete WSET level 3. Luckily the school I was studying at also offered the WSG courses which are a great way to continue further wine studies in a short and condensed period and more relaxed format as an alternative to committing to the WSET Diploma.

Since completing WSET level 3, I’ve completed the FWS, IWS and more recently the SWS. As with the other WSG courses I’ve found the coursework extremely engaging with a holistic overview of history, culture, climate and geography to accompany the detailed overview of each wine region within Spain.

Whilst my previous studies have provided a strong basis for understanding wines, due to the broad syllabus has not been able to provide an in-depth focus of Spain and the intricacies of each region.

I am considering enrolling in the WSET Diploma course and am certain that I will benefit from the detailed understanding of Spanish wines available through the SWS course.

The SWS course has been instrumental in completely transforming my view and appreciation of Spanish wines. It has provided a great point of reference for travelling through Spain’s wine regions and being able to appreciate the cross-section of wine, culture and place. I’m so glad to be able to have unlocked Spanish wines as a go-to for drinks with friends or when ordering with a meal at a restaurant!

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