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Rex Ting-Chia Ting , SWS

Rex Ting-Chia Ting , SWS
It was far beyond my expectations. The SWS provides me with more accurate and systematic learning about Spanish wine.
Rex Ting-Chia Ting , SWS, Chief Editor and Wine Educator, iCheers, Taiwan
Other certifications: CSW & CSS (Society of Wine Educators), WSET Diploma, French Wine Scholar, Italian Wine Scholar

Congratulations to Rex Ting-Chia Ting, SWS, for passing the Spanish Wine Scholar exam with highest honors!

About Rex:

As chief editor of iCheers (the top 1 wine e-commerce platform in Taiwan), I am passionate to introduce the viticulture and wines around the world to the customers here. Besides, I am also a wine educator, who loves to share the knowledge and the latest information on wine to my students. I believe that teaching wine classes is one of the best ways to keep improving myself in this industry. And I am always enthusiastic to learn everything about wine and explore the wider and deeper global wine context.

I have just accomplished all the units required for the WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits program, which provides me with a holistic and comprehensive understanding for wine and spirits. In my point of view, it is just a preliminary step in this extensive wine world. I expect that I could always stay hungry and foolish. And that is the reason why I enrolled in various studies of WSG.

I had already acquired my FWS and IWS certifications. And I think these two programs were very helpful and well-organized in offering a broad perspective on the knowledge of French and Italian wine. Therefore, as soon as I found that the SWS program was released, I registered for it immediately. The course did not let me down. Moreover, it was far beyond my expectation. The SWS provides me with a more accurate and systematic learning about Spanish wine.

Besides, I am also CSW and CSS holders of SWE. Furthermore, my interest in Sake led me to become an International Kikisake-shi / Sake Sommelier of Sake Service Institute.

I used to have some stereotypes and misunderstandings about Spanish wine. For me, it was just about limited grape varieties, monotonous climatic and geographical conditions and fewer famous wine regions. In fact, Spanish wine is far beyond this simplification. The SWS program does not just offer me a knowledge construction, but also reveals Spanish wine’s complexity and profoundness.

Sometimes I feel like being Sisyphus who keeps rolling an immense boulder, but actually I am not in the same place nor the same altitude. I am fortunate with the SWS program, which ignites and feeds my passion. And now I am stronger and more confident.

Keep learning, keep walking and keep exploring.

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