Member Webinars

Member Webinars

The French Wine Society offers its active members access to its Continuing Education Program be composed of monthly thematical webinars.

Wine education is an ongoing journey, keep yours in motion!

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 Upcoming Webinars:

Date Topic Presenter City
Wed. Oct. 12, 2016
12:00pm EST
Ciro Pirone -
Mon. Oct. 24, 2016
12:00pm EST
Adam Centamore -
Wed. Nov. 16, 2016
11:30am EST
Barbara Philip MW -
Wed. Nov. 30, 2016
12:00pm EST
Nick Bielak -
Wed. Dec. 7, 2016
12:00pm EST
Don and Petie Kladstrup -

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Latest recorded webinars

  • 10 Grape Varieties to Understand Italy with Ciro Pirone +

    Webinar Abstract: Travel thru Italy's culture, food and wine scene with some of the most beloved grape varietals from North Read More
  • The Truth About Natural Wines with Alice Feiring +

    Abstract: Are natural wines brown and taste like hard cider? Lets clear up the myths about natural wine; from birth Read More
  • Fortified Wines from Around the World with Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD +

    After a first webinar earlier this year on the vins doux naturels of France, Guilherme will focus this time on Read More
  • Jura Ins & Outs with Wink Lorch +

    Abstract: The tiny wine region of Jura in eastern France has leapt to fame in the last five years with Read More
  • Upselling in the On-premise Market +

    Synopsis: This webinar discusses the subtle art of selling and upselling. Learn how to recommend a wine, pop that cork Read More
  • The Swiss Vineyard: A Patchwork of Diversified Terroirs with Gildas L'Hostis +

    Webinar Synopsis: After providing a general introduction to the world of Swiss wine, L'Hostis will discuss the wine market in Read More
  • The Key Red Grapes of Spain with Lucas Payà +

    Synopsis of Webinar: Tour through Spain’s greatest red grape varieties and the most important wines they produce. This webinar will Read More
  • Wine & War with Don & Petie Kladstrup +

    Presentation Summary: In their book, Wine & War: The French, the Nazis and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure, husband-and-wife Read More
  • Italian Wine – Uno Zero Uno (101) with Alfonso Cevola +

    Webinar Abstract: The Italian wine landscape is beautiful but treacherously complicated. Alfonso Cevola, who writes the “On the wine trail Read More
  • DIGITAL WINE - How to use digital apps to track, learn, and share your wine knowledge +

    In this webinar, Ken will explore different online tools, apps and social media to: Manage your cellar (CellarTracker) Share what Read More
  • The Changing Face of Beaujolais with Vicky Monrozier +

    Synopsis of Webinar: As Export Manager of her family winery in Beaujolais, Domaine Monrozier, and as the founder of her Read More
  • The History of Italy in 12 Glasses of Wine with Paul Wagner +

    Italian wine through the lenses of history, society, and culture... Paul Wagner has always believed that wine is much more Read More
  • The Key White Grapes of Spain with Sommelier Lucas Paya +

    Synopsis of Webinar: Tour through Spain’s greatest white grape varieties and the most important wines they produce. This webinar will Read More
  • Somm Essentials - Beyond Wine: Coffee, Tea & Water with David Glancy MS +

    Synopsis of Webinar: There's more to life than wine (gasp!) In this webinar, we will be joined by Master Sommelier, Read More
  • Pinot Noir: France's Great Grape - At Home in California with Karen MacNeil +

    A look at the rising star status of Pinot Noir in California including top regions, clones and styles. Presenter: Karen Read More
  • The World of French Fortified Wines with Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD +

    Webinar Synopsis: What is a fortified wine? Our presenter will answer this question, along with providing an historical and geographic Read More
  • Grower Champagne with Peter Liem +

    Synopsis of Webinar: Although American by nationality, Peter Liem lives in the Champagne region, in the small and charmingly named Read More
  • Serving Sparkling, Fortified & Dessert Wines +

    Webinar Synopsis: What is the proper way to store and serve sparkling wines, fortified wines or dessert wines? Plus, once Read More
  • Hungry for Wine: A Discussion with Cathy Huyghe +

    Synopsis: Forbes columnist and founder of, Cathy Huyghe is now the author of Hungry for Wine, a book that Read More
  • The Many Splendors of Alsace Riesling +

    Synopsis: Get a thorough view of Alsatian Riesling from an expert on Alsace! This grape variety with the highest reputation Read More
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