Loire Master-Level

Loire Master-Level Program

A comprehensive study and certification program on the wines of the Loire Valley

The new Loire Master-Level program is an in-depth course of study conducted at the master-level and designed for all committed students of wine whether wine professionals or serious wine hobbyists.

World-renowned Loire experts will provide a unique and dynamic learning experience on the wines of the Loire Valley via web-based teaching technology.

The Loire Valley is one of the most diverse wine regions in the world. Dry and sweet. Still and sparkling. White and red. The Loire has it all. Add the flair of a new and exciting generation of winemakers who are pushing the envelope and this region is poised to take its rightful place at the centre of the wine world.

Dive into the Loire with Lead-instructor Pascaline Lepeltier MS, MOF

Study under lead-instructor Pascaline Lepeltier, a Loire valley expert and advocate whose influence and accomplishments in the wine world are reaching lofty peaks:

• Named “Personality of the Year” by La Revue du Vin de France in 2019
• Laureate of “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France – Classe Sommellerie” in 2018
• Winner of the “Best French Sommelier” competition in 2018
• Operating partner of Racines restaurant in NYC, overseeing a 2500+ wine list
• Instructor with the Wine Scholar Guild, the Court of Master Sommeliers, the International Culinary Center in Manhattan, and the Wine Education Council
• Co-author of The Dirty Guide to Wine with Alice Feiring

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Study under true Loire experts and masterful instructors including:

Pascaline Lepeltier MS, MOF Andrew Jefford

Chris Kissack

Jim Budd Jo Landron

Damien Delecheneau

Benoit Roumet Véronique Rivest Nicolas Joly Alice Feiring
      Learn from a prestigious panel of guest instructors including:
  • Pascaline Lepeltier, MS, MOF
    Loire valley expert. 2018 Best French Sommelier. 
  • Andrew Jefford
    Award-winning wine journalist for Decanter Magazine and WSG Academic Advisor
  • Chris Kissack
    Loire and Bordeaux specialist at TheWineDoctor.com
  • Jim Budd
    Loire wine blogger at Jim’s Loire and Regional Chair for Loire at Decanter's World Wine Awards.
  • Jo Landron
    Iconic biodynamic producer at Domaine de la Louvetrie in Muscadet
  • Damien Delecheneau
    Owner of domaine La Grange Tiphaine in Amboise
  • Benoit Roumet
    Director of the Centre Loire wine syndicate
  • Véronique Rivest
    Wine writer and educator based in Canada. Best Sommelier of the Americas 2012, 2nd Best Sommelier of the World 2013
  • Nicolas Joly 
    Owner of the legendary Coulée de Serrant in Savennières and pioneer of the biodynamic wine movement
  • Alice Feiring
    Journalist for Time magazine, author and advocate for natural wines 


Your moderator and program coordinator will be Sharon McLean DipWSET, FWS, IWS

Offered in a Distance-Learning Format

Explore the Loire Valley from the comfort of your own office or home! 

Like all other WSG courses, the Loire Master-Level program is supported by extensive student material. The study package includes:

  • Preparatory reading assignments, online study modules and review quiz
  • 16 recorded webinars by expert Loire instructors
  • A copy of the Loire Master-Level Study Manual (175 pages)
  • Reading and tasting assignments to accompany each lecture
  • Online review quizzes
  • Access to instructors via the Q&A forum
  • Online, proctored exam sit

Optional (additional fees apply): Immersion trip to the Loire Valley with Pascaline Lepeltier

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Webinar Topics:

  • Loire: The Idea of North: Andrew Jefford
  • Digging Deeply into the Soils: Chris Kissack 
  • The Viticultural History of the Loire: Pascaline Lepeltier
  • The Nature of the Loire: Climate, Soils, Topography and Sub-regions: Jim Budd
  • Pays Nantais: Jo Landron 
  • Anjou Noir: Pascaline Lepeltier
  • Touraine: Damien Delecheneau
  • Anjou Blanc - Le Saumurois: Pascaline Lepeltier
  • Centre Loire Overview: Benoit Roumet 
  • Upper Loire: Pascaline Lepeltier
  • Future of the Loire - Viti Vini: Benoit Roumet  
  • Loire: The Epicenter of the Natural Wine Movement: Alice Feiring
  • Loire Economics: Benoit Roumet
  • Loire & Food: Veronique Rivest
  • Nicolas Joly and Biodynamics: Nicolas Joly
  • Parcellaires & Crus: Pascaline Lepeltier

This is, in scope and design, the most comprehensive wine study program on the Loire Valley bar none. Through this program, students will acquire a profound knowledge of the region and develop a greater sensory understanding of its wines.

Learn more about the detailed curriculum...


Tuition is $590.00 and includes study manual, online study program and online exam. Registration is valid for a full year from date of registration.



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Why study the wines of the Loire Valley?

The Loire is France’s largest white wine region, the second largest for sparkling wines and the third largest overall producer of AOC wines in France. If you are serious about wines, you need to know it.

The Loire is unique in producing such a huge diversity of wines. There are whites, roses and reds. There are still wines and sparkling wines. There are dry, off-dry, medium-sweet and luscious botrytized wines. We don’t see this much diversity, at such a consistently high quality level, anywhere else.

The Loire is the epitome of cool. From the renowned biodynamics champion Nicolas Joly to a new generation of winemakers who are delivering exciting cool climate, elegant and expressive wines. This is a region in change – discover why.

What are the key learning objectives?

This master-level program provides detailed information on the Loire’s climate, grapes and viticultural practices. It explores the region’s geology, topography and soils. You’ll learn the Loire from the ground up and in-depth!

Delve deeply into the Loire’s rich history. Gain an insider perspective on the sub-regional variations of soils, climates, grapes and the new producers working to deliver terroir-driven wines.

Learn about the Loire’s evolving wine trade. Understand the challenges of the past and what the future promises for this – until now – understated region.
Explore the culture, trends and tomorrow’s promises.


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How it works:

  • You receive the full-color, Loire Master-Level study manual for independent reading and study. Work through the material when you have time in your schedule.
  • All webinars are recorded for on demand replay in video or podcast format…perfect to listen to on your way to work!
  • Have a question after watching a recorded webinar? Contact your instructors via the Instructor Q & A forum or email Sharon McLean directly. The choice is yours.
  • The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, 10 map identification exercises and 4 essays. There is no tasting component.
  • You have a full year to sit the exam…just in case life gets in the way.

Loire Master-Level Online Exam:

The exam is comprised of three separate sections: 50 multiple-choice questions, four short-answer questions and a map exercise. Passing score is 75/100. The exam questions and essay topics are taken from the Loire Study Manual and webinars. Practice maps are also available on the course.

Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.

Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready and at least one month in advance of preferred exam date, the candidate should contact the WSG office at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule the exam. 


  • For dedicated Loire wine enthusiasts:

If you are passionate about Loire and want to acquire a full understanding of the secrets behind its magic and subt, this program is for you. You will gain a 360-degree understanding of the viticulture, winemaking, history, and the people who make this wine region so unique and appraised globally. After taking this program, you will be able to confidently speak on all aspects of Loire as a region and a wine.

  • For wine professionals:

This program is ideal for sommeliers and customer-facing wine professionals seek to boost their knowledge about Loire. After taking this program, wine professionals such as sommeliers, food & beverage directors, servers, wine educators, amongst others, will be able to speak with authority while offering outstanding service and guidance about Loire wines.


Disclaimer: WSG offers wine study courses that are targeted to both beginners and those more experienced in the wine industry. While WSG has received many accolades, awards, and testimonials, WSG is not an accredited institution or school. WSG does not guarantee or warrant that any employer or school will recognize WSG wine study courses. While WSG knows that it is a well-recognized institution within the multi-national wine community, it cannot guarantee anyone success in their profession or vocation.

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